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When considering a roofing contractor to hire in London, Ontario, your first choice should be a BBB accredited business. Gable Roofing Ltd is an A+ member due to the following high standards of trust, policies, and procedures on treating the public fairly and honestly. Have confidence in choosing Gable Roofing Ltd, your local BBB accredited roofer. We get a lot of referrals from our satisfied clients.

At Gables Roofing, we don’t compromise when it comes to protecting both our workers and our customers. This is why we carry two million of general liability insurance and every roofing technician is covered by workers’ compensation.

Gables Roofing is compliant with all WSIB procedures and policies. All of our staff are registered with WSIB so they are covered in case of an emergency. We are so proud to report that our company has recorded zero serious injuries in all our years of business!

Because our entire team spends a good deal of time working from heights, we make sure that everyone has the proper training. Despite our company having never incurred a serious injury on the job, that's no reason to not be prepared. On the contrary we believe our diligence and preparation is the very reason we remain accident free.

Roof Inspection


Problem: Leakage in attic after driving rain:
Possible cause: Leaky or inadequate shingle underlayment; deteriorated flashing.

Problem: Blistering on interior ceilings and walls:
Possible cause: Excessive moisture or high humidity due to poor attic ventilation.

Problem: Dark, dirty looking areas on your roof:
Possible cause: Environmental pollutants, vegetation, fungus or algae growth, loss of granules due to age of shingles.

Gables Roofing Ltd is a professional roofing contractor serving London, Ontario and surrounding areas since 1983! Contact us today for an inspection. 

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Roofing London, Ontario

Contact Gables Roofing Ltd today for a free quote on your roof repair or roof installation. Gables Roofing Ltd has been an expert roofer in London, Ontario for over 35 years! We have the experience to tackle your residential or commercial roof project.

Reliable Residential & Commercial Roofing in London, Ontario


Gables Roofing Ltd has been serving London, Ontario, and Southwestern Ontario for over 35 years. In the roofing business, it’s not enough to do the work from start to finish – the team of experts you trust must know what works best for homes and businesses in the city. Commercial and residential clients across London, Ontario, and surrounding areas trust our expertise and high-quality services for roof inspections, repairs, and full replacements. 

Gables Roofing Ltd has long been a trusted choice for clients in the London, Ontario community for roofing and siding services. We strive to exceed your satisfaction and are committed to providing quality work, which will last for decades to come. Questions about our roofing services? Read our FAQ to learn more or feel free to contact us.

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Gables Roofing Ltd is one of the most friendly and reliable roofing companies in London, Ontario. We know that each project is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your requirements. We take pride in our quality workmanship and roofing contractor services since we have a reputation for excellence and years of experience in the roofing industry.

In London, Ontario, we understand storms and other factors can damage your roofing. We are dedicated to ensuring that your building or home is weatherproofed, so you don’t have to be concerned about potential problems. Proper installation and maintenance are essential for a long-lasting roof. Our expert installation crews ensure that your roof not only stands the test of time, but also meets all warranty requirements. Are you a business or property owner in London and need roofing services? Contact us today for an in-home consultation and detailed written estimate for our residential and commercial roofing services. 

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