How Often Should You Get Roof Inspections?

You take your car in for regular inspections; you see your doctor annually for a check-up (if you don’t, consider it!). Does your roof get the same attention? It’s essential for making a home worth living in, keeping your belongings and family safe from the elements. If you want to keep the roof working as it should, routine inspections are a great idea! 

One question we get a lot is: how often should I get a roof inspection? While it doesn’t have to be very frequent, making an expert evaluation of your roof a regular part of your maintenance schedule is a great idea!

How Often Should I Have My Roof Inspected?


Roof inspectionYou should have a roof inspection performed by an expert at least once a year; as the owner, you should also pay attention to the integrity of the materials year-round and especially after bad weather events. If you notice problems throughout the year that may require the skills of an experienced roofer, call a professional right away.


When Should You Schedule Your Roof Inspection?


Roof inspectionThe best times of year to get your roof inspected are late spring and early fall. In these seasons, the weather is clear, the rains aren’t too frequent, and the roof is free of snow and ice, making the conditions are ideal for our team. Summer is also the busy season, a time when people hire professional roofers to do larger jobs.

In the spring, we can see if the winter weather impacted the materials covering your roof. Early in the fall is also ideal because it allows the inspector to catch any problems they can correct before winter. 

Regardless of when you want the inspection, try and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Many roofing examinations are booked well in advance because diligent home and business owners often follow a strict inspection and maintenance schedule. They get their roofs inspected regularly, fix problems as they arise and know that staying ahead of roofing issues is a worthwhile investment.


Why Should I Have An Annual Inspection Performed?


Roof inspections are more than the name; they’re investment services that can save you a lot of money in the long run! Roofs take a great deal of year-round wear and tear from exposure to the elements. They have to withstand everything that comes their way, from drastic swings in temperature to weather systems like windstorms, heavy rains, hail, and snow. 

While roofs are great, they don’t repair themselves. Any problems – even the smallest weaknesses – only get worse in time. To prevent large-scale roofing problems, you must catch anything early, and the best way to do this is to add roof inspections to your annual maintenance schedule. Call us to book your regular appointments today!


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